Wanton Buddy´s (FCI)

The coming land of the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten is Ireland. We don't know exactly the right evolution, because the history wasn't documented before the 18. century. The old paintworks are preserved and they display Wheaten - coloured terrier with the soft coat. Generally is wheaten terrier considered as the oldest and the first infant - breed. About this are manifested inscriptions from west Ireland, which are old about 200 years. It supposes his ancestor is Black and tan Terrier, Irish Terrier and Kerry Blue Terrier. He was farmer's working dog originally. He was used for driving stock, guarding building and hunting badgers, rats even otters and for sport hunting rabbits too.

Specialized breeding club was founded in Ireland quite late, in 1934 (in England even in 1955). Wheaten had its exhibition debut in Dublin in 1937 on St. Patrick's Day. British Kennel Club accepted this breed in 1943. This dog got in 1946 behind the ocean, but the American Kennel Club officially accepted him until 1973.

The huge credit for breeding and extending the breed from Ireland to all of the Europe has Mrs. Maureen Holmes, the breeding Kennel "Holmenocks". With later breeding selection were created new types of Wheatens, which are different coat composition. They are named after countries, where they were created - Irish, American, Anglo-American type of Wheaten. This ununiformity of the Wheaten´s exterior is always breeders' contention. Problems are with the assessing at exhibitions. The FCI Standard deals about the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Pavlina Bradacova
irish type of wheaten
american type of wheaten