Wanton Buddy´s (FCI) litters

Date of Birth: 23. 12. 2013
 10 - 5 M / 5 F
MALE   Harry Argo CZ
    Huckleberry CZ
    Hoki Aron SK
    Herriot CZ
    Hannibal CZ
FEMALE   Harmony Ann FIN
    Hira CRO
    Heda Hilton CZ
    Hannah En CZ
    Hillary En CZ
Our Wheaten Kindergarten = 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 10! (5 boys and 5 girls)










CH.House of Softy Orlando


CH.Desiree Wanton Buddy´s


European Junior Winner 2012 + BOB Junior  (10 months)

 Central-Easteneuropean Junior Winner


 Vice World Junior Winner 2013 - H

International Champion (C.I.B)


Champion HU

 Grand Champion CZ


Junior Champion CZ, SK, PL, A

Champion ÈMKU, Champion CZ


Junior Champion Romania, Slovenija

Champion CZ, SK, PL


Junior Champion CZ, SK,

Junior Champion CZ, SK,


Club Junior Champion SK

Junior Club Champion SK


2x National Winner CZ - 2013

National Winner CZ


Club Winner SK + BOB + BIG 3 - 2013



Danubius Winner + BOB SK


Club Junior Winner 2012 - SK, A


  Slovenija Junior Winner + BOB 2013


Vice Amsterdam Junior Winner NL - 2012


   Bundesjuniorsieger A - 2012


 Interra Junior Winner 2012 + BOB Junior


Club Winner Austria 2013 + BOB, BIG 1.,res. BIS


     2x BIS JUNIOR, BIG, Res.BIS

Best of Breed - CZ, SK, PL, A, HU, SLO

Best of Breed - CZ, SK, PL, A


BIG 1. + BEST IN SHOW 3rd.
Komarom, Hungary 2013



TOP DOG TERRIER Slovakia 2013



 Health Examinations:

Health Examinations:


HD - A/A

HD - A/A


eyes testes (incl. PRA) - negative

eyes testes (incl. PRA) - negative


teeth-scissors bite

teeth-scissors bite





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CH.House of Softy Orlando

CH.House of Softy Orlando

CH.Desiree Wanton Buddy´s

"H" litter - PEDIGREE

House of Softy Orlando

 Seamrog No More Rock´n Roll  Windisle Inycon
 Mo Grad To Lotje
 Extra´s Yahoo  Extra´s Valentino
 Lindywheat´s Macadamia Dulce

Desiree Wanton Buddy´s

 Geragold Playboy  Soldiersong Fianna Boy
 Geragold Daughter of Aran
 Laureen Lil vom Fischerhof  Wheaten Rebel´s Keep Cool
 Danterri Wheaten Nainshee


After a long thinking I decided for a very perspective young Wheaten called House of Softy Orlando this time, as a father of the puppies. He was interesting for me because of his skeleton, the whole shape, moving mechanism, typical terrier male head, his nice and friendly behaviour and balanced temperament. The dog has standard Irish rich hair with free waves. I had the chance to know Orlando's father personaly and he exactly fulfilled our breeding philosophy. This dog is a holder of proved German-Danish blood line which is a appropriate combination for our breed and Orando's pedigree also brings  new pick-up. In the moment of having done Orlando's health examinations, I decided to use him in my breed ( I do not breed with dogs without the health testimonial). The dog was imported to the Czech Republic from Sweden and he superbly represents at the dogshows, in his young age he can be proud of European Junior Winner and Res.BIS titles. 



(photo ©Wanton Buddy´s)
Pavlina Bradac
Pagerank   WB